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Hull thought the Stars needed more fire and emotion on the ice, and felt Avery would fit the bill.

Avery scored 3 goals in 23 games before he and the team parted ways following his six-game suspension by the NHL in December 2008, due to controversial remarks made about fellow players.

The controversy started early in his career; Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said he unloaded Avery during the 2002–03 season partly because he didn't seem to have respect for the game.

He cleared waivers and re-joined the Rangers for their November 5 game against the Montreal Canadiens.

Despite playing less than 10 minutes in all 15 games he played for the Rangers that season, he scored 3 goals.

After being a healthy scratch for nine games, Avery was once again placed on waivers on December 30, 2011.

During his time with the Kings, Avery has been said to have mocked Dustin Brown about his lisp.

Former Kings' teammate Ian Laperrière said it "was bullying, like you might see in high school." But according to other players and coaches, Brown's lisp was not Avery's target, Brown's then girlfriend, now wife, Nicole was.

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