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I had a look at the article and then I had a look at his web site and I learnt some things.

The main point of the article is that there are so many ways to generate cash through a website drawing from a remote and global customer base providing you have a well thought through strategy.

then for the rest of the day I do my company's work."But it is the type of business Panton runs that gives him such incredible leeway to stretch his money.

Besides, other websites in Panton's network of sites branded the Top5Network include, and

It’s a case study of someone who has started an internet business from scratch and built it in to a viable income stream.

What I like about it, is that it is realistic and gives quite a lot of detail.

just the same way you can use your newspaper to sell advertisements, if you have a website that generates enough traffic, you can sell the ad spots," says Panton.

In Canada, he found employment almost immediately as a search engine optimisation specialist with a small Internet marketing company in Ontario.

I cross-referenced it with another website called Alexa which ranks him at 175,576 in the world.

So I think the facts he has stated in the article are fairly accurate.

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