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If you want a review of Illinois, then I do have to agree with some of the other posters, in that I can't wait to move!However, it isn't this apt complex - I can't wait to leave Illinois period.If you ask someone else for a ride or something like that, you'll be met with cold stares and probably given an excuse why they can't.We've lived next to the same guy for four yrs now, and don't know his name.Cable (Charter) serves this complex, but you can also use your dish if you prefer it.

Of the ones that I know of, this one at least is in a pretty area.

There's high pollution, corrupt politicians, and a lot of people who think their crap doesn't stink.

The city is a perfect example of Americana - Number One at one point now steadily declining in all the good it was once.

I'm not sure if it because of the high unemployment, the meth problems (and there are plenty of those), or what - but it is a different mentality here.

If you offer to do something nice for someone, they are suspicious and ask what you want.

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