Cohabidating com

We are now seeing those devastating results unfold with the new normal in family diversity and the increasing practice of cohabitation, which does not produce healthy marriages for the future.In addition, children are suffering immensely from the choices their parents are making.If say you're "cohabitating" with someone and you're not having sex more often then hormone raged minks, you're not cohabitating.

The latest research indicates that couples who cohabit before marriage have a 50 – 80 percent higher divorce rate than those who don't.It is shocking but it is imperative that those involved in education and in the church understand this new normal.What follows is a salient summary of Cohen’s paper.But the Bible clearly tells us that it is to be expressed within the context of marriage. I would encourage you and your boyfriend to remain sexually pure until marriage.If you are already living together, you need to know that God considers that a sin, and it's important that you ask His forgiveness and then take seriously what He tells us in His Word.

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