Dating agency eastbourne

I am a self employed artist, designer, needlewoman. I am vegetarian and put emphasis on a healthy lif I Love meeting and Keeping in Touch with New People.

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I am looking to broaden my scope with new friendships.

I work for myself, running a Telemarketing Company, so I talk a lot everyday ! I would describe myself as easy to talk to, often amusing, friendships are incredibly important to me. I grew up in Newhaven, East Sussex, UK , when i left school I studied as an electrical engineer, I was 18 when i was diagnosed with Kidney frailer in 1990, in 1992 I had Kidney transplant and since then everything has gone very well, I try to eat well, take my medication and I do 10k on my bike every morning, I'm not a health freak I still enjoy a Kebab or a burger.

I like camping and I'm very out going, would love to see the USA as I think it is a beautiful country.

He once wrote a song called The Black Of Lonely as he lamented never being able to find love.

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