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But her acting credits include such fondly remembered ‘classics’ as 2point4 Children and Triangle – the soap opera set aboard a North Sea ferry – together with a host of cameo appearances alongside the likes of The Two Ronnies.

Sitting in her spacious bungalow in West London, Sandra seems almost untouched by the passage of time and her excitement – almost palpable – has an uncannily youthful quality.

And, one day, I came to the sad conclusion that our relationship was never going to work, that it was never going to be good again.’What she hadn’t anticipated were the remarks attributed to her estranged husband.

Whether they are accurate or not, she’s still not sure. Wouldn’t most women in that position have then wanted to give her a brother or sister with the man they loved? ‘I found it incredibly hard to live with the lies told about me in the Press.’Davison and Dickinson still don’t seek each other out, she says, although occasionally they find themselves in the same place at the same time.

They married in 1978, when Sandra was, professionally, the more successful partner.

I was never sure whether he was being kind or humorous – probably a bit of both.‘Nevertheless, it would always make me furious.

I’d reply by saying that if my family is anything to go by – both of my parents are 91 this year – it would be me doing the pushing.’ Mark takes little prompting to explain why Sandra is the woman for him.

It belongs, of course, to Sandra Dickinson, the American actress who became a household name in Britain by playing young airhead blondes.

Sandra, who is now 60, still lingers in the public imagination as Trillian in the classic BBC television serialisation of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.

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