Deepika padukone dating

In 2016, Deepika and Djokovic were spotted dining at a restaurant named The Nice Guy in Los Angeles and they left in the same car that day.

International Media went crazy and had given extensive coverage to that story.

Frustrated by the inability of their own party leaders, some BJP supporters have decided to take matters into their own hands to ensure a BJP victory in the 2014 general elections.

A group of these supporters has started an online petition urging Bollywood star Deepika Padukone to date Rahul Gandhi, the preordained Prime Ministerial candidate of the ruling UPA alliance. Rahul Gupta the representative of the group said, “We were celebrating couple of days back when we heard that Rahul Gandhi will lead UPA campaign during 2014 elections but BJP is trying hard to level the playing field by electing Nitin Gadkari as the party president once again.

We need to promote this out of the box thinking culture.

Maybe, they can join Purti Group once this mission is accomplished, we need such smart thinkers in our company.” Meanwhile, leading journalists and thinkers, especially those on Twitter, have termed this petition a result of “misogyny” and “patriarchal mindset” because it discounts the will and views of Deepika Padukone about Rahul Gandhi. Padukone was unavailable for a comment but the online petition has already got 14,589 signatures and Mr.

She went to say Novak will be happier dating the Bollywood Celebrity.

Djokovic was linked to a lot of beauties in the past.

Tennis legend John Mc Enroe compared Djokovic with Golfer Tiger Woods who's sex scandals stunned the World.

According to several media reports, Natasa has confessed that “he would rather be happy dating Deepika Padukone.” This line for sure hints at an alleged affair that must have brewed between Deepika and Djokovic.

The report of Deepika Padukone and Novak Djokovic’s affair first sparked fire when Deepika was spotted on a dinner date with the former world No 1 tennis player in 2016.

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