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And there's no better feeling than having your spouse as your co-captain, conquering the world together!

Do Merge Finances If you have the same why, share goals, and budget together, you should combine your incomes.

But A) it doesn't take 365 days to have these conversations and B) I will enjoy my husband so much more when we've paid off our student loans and are on a cruise to the Bahamas (paid for in cash.)Some goals you'll work really hard on for a short period of time and others will take time and you can relax.

But you should have goals and always be working towards them.

Do Talk About Your Financial Past & Future Unfortunately, I still hear stories about couples who don't talk about their financial situations until their marriage is already suffering from it. These answers can tell you a lot about your spouse's point of view and that's important to keep in mind as you navigate tough financial decisions.

I don't remember how he found out but I remember he wasn't mad that I broke the budget, he was just confused and disappointed as to why I didn't tell him.

I learned that day that money is about more than your finances, it's the most intimate thing outside the bedroom and your spouse should be part of it.

And, while incomes should be combined, your debts should be kept separate.

This is to safeguard you if your spouse dies or in the unfortunate case of divorce.

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