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They have their friends from school on it in a room that their mother picked out for them to use to hang out in.Simply, if your kids are going on there looking for sexual people and items then they are going to find it, just like in the real world.I don't think that this is site for children at all!!!!I do use it, but I'm 29 and choose to communicate with people this way.I THINK THAT IT IS FUNNY THERE ARE MORE COMMENTS FROM CHILDREN THAN ADULTS ON HERE.JUST GOES TO SHOW YOU THAT PARENTS DON' T PAY MUCH ATTENTION TO THEIR CHILDREN ANY MORE.I tried to block it many way and she could still access it.When I called to disable it I was asked to give remote access to David the IMVU operator. David located in India informed me daughters computer had been hacked, told me it was a very serious situation but that he could help.

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The staff is trying to "fix" things regarding comments as the starting one in here but those compromises cost developers as me not just their time but also money..I earn money from IMVU and pay some of my college needs and etc.That being said it's obvious for teens and up.I think we are all aware on what it's like to be a teen.I use this site, I have a blast there, but I am NOT a child.I am a mature woman, having fun, playing dress up with pixel dolls and laughing at the silliness of it all. if you don't want your child exposed to internet dangers then don't have an internet connection. I think that it is really up to you to decided what is right for you.

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