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Henderson hosted several times the beauty pageants Mrs. She appeared in a number of their promotional videos and helped in fundraising efforts.

She won money for the sisters on the game show Weakest Link and on a classic television-themed episode of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire in 2001, winning ,000 in their name.

While the book actually is chock full of sex and drugs, sadly none of Marcia’s naughty escapades involved Eve Plumb, aka Jan. After the jump, it’s time to separate the Brady fact from the Brady fiction. But are you schooled enough in all things Brady to uncover the truth behind the Bunch’s craziest shenanigans?

[NY Post] Looking deeper into the Brady history beyond the Bunch, turns out America’s pristine squeaky-clean family embroiled themselves in enough scandals to flatten Alice’s highly-hair sprayed coif including a roaring incest fest. Test yourself after the jump in The Brady Bunch Bonanza– FACT or FICTION? Check out all the rumors below, and decide whether you think the juicy tidbit is true or false.

By the time she was eight, her family called her "Florency", and by age 12, she was singing at local grocery stores.

and the same year became the first woman to guest host The Tonight Show in the period after Jack Paar left as the show's host, and before Johnny Carson began his 30 years as the show's longest serving host in October 1962.

Henderson voiced Barbara, Cleveland's childhood nanny, in the episode "The Men In Me" of The Cleveland Show, which originally aired on March 25, 2012.

The episode features a depressed and confused Cleveland singing a parody version of his show's theme before Barbara interjects and gets Cleveland to realize it does not matter who he is or who others perceive him to be as long as he accepts himself for who and what he is.

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oh you got to do to sell a few books here and there?

At the end of the episode, Cleveland says "Florence Henderson, everyone! She was interred at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

" Henderson made a special appearance on May 11, 2012, in a special Mother's Day episode on The Price Is Right with Drew Carey, displaying prizes, as well as one of the showcases. In the 2000s, Henderson became a public benefactor to the Sisters of St. Some of the nuns there had been early educators of Henderson. At the 33rd Annual Gracie Awards Gala (2008), Henderson won an Individual Achievement Award and an Outstanding Host (Information or Entertainment) for The Florence Henderson Show.

Then scroll down to the corresponding number to see what the real deal is.

Florence Agnes Henderson (February 14, 1934 – November 24, 2016) was an American actress and singer with a career spanning six decades.

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