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According to Evan, the answer to the question is not likely to be found, because a better regulated API would be required for Facebook "to break a lot of applications, [especially when] a lot of companies are trying to make money off [these] applications".Felt agrees with her conclusion, because "there are marketing businesses built on top of the idea that third parties can get access to data and user information on Facebook".

I still need to know of data limits and whether I can send stories up to a greater than average length to friends.

"The question for social networks is resolving the difference between mistakes in implementation and what the design of the application platform is intended to allow", said David Evans, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia.

Moreover, there is also the question of who should be held responsible for the lack of user privacy?

People using these sites were seen as "techies" unlike users in the current era.

One of the early privacy cases was in regards to My Space, due to "stalking of minors, bullying, and privacy issues", which inevitably led to the adoption of "age requirements and other safety measures".

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