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Although he opposed America's entry into World War II, he cooperated with the government in the establishment of the Metallurgical Laboratory (1942) on campus as part of the Manhattan Project. The series also contains interviews with and writings about Hutchins. Correspondence: Contains the personal and professional correspondence of Robert Hutchins. Eliot, Hubert Humphrey, Oscar Hammerstein II, Aldous and Laura Huxley, Charles and Anne Lindbergh, Benjamin E. Murrow, Paul Newman, the Rockefeller family, Earl Warren, and Frank Lloyd Wright. Subject Files: Consists of general subject files, arranged alphabetically by topic.Following the war, Hutchins was in the forefront of groups seeking to control the destructive potential of nuclear energy and to evaluate the broader implications of scientific research. Hutchins corresponded with an impressive number of 20th-century luminaries; persons represented here include Saul Alinsky, Steve Allen, Pearl S. Of particular interest to researchers is extensive correspondence with William O. Of particular note are files on the Atomic Energy Control Conference of 1945 and Hutchins' file on his negotiations with President Franklin D.The Walgreen investigations (1935) into possible subversive activities on the part of certain faculty at the University put Hutchins in the public eye as an eloquent defender of academic freedom against the claims of naive xenophobes.On the other hand, his style and opinions antagonized parts of the faculty who came to resent what they interpreted as arrogance and a sort of "party line" within the University.The couple moved to upstate New York where Hutchins taught at the Lake Placid School until 1923. Hutchins' career at Yale was nothing less than meteoric.He graduated from the Yale Law School in 1925 while also serving as Secretary of the University since 1923.Curricular reforms, with which his name has become more or less synonymous, emphasized the role of the College in providing general education grounded in philosophy and philosophical analysis.

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The so-called "New Plan" or "Chicago Plan" created four graduate divisions—Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Biological Sciences—and established a consolidated College as a separate division of the University.Hutchins' gregarious nature and his commitment to curriculum reform, evident at Yale, seemed to make him an ideal candidate to provide the kind of leadership and vision that the University had not had since President William Rainey Harper.The initial years of Hutchins' administration were dramatic ones.He lectured tirelessly on the meaning of college and seemed to relish his self-assumed role as a leading American educator.Hutchins' candor and glibness, his self-confidence and (to some) his dogmatism were mixed blessings.

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