Xsdvalidatingreader class

On container objects such as webs, there are options about whether descendent objects should be included: And that's the gist of it.

This is the first beta of the tool and I'm sure there will be issues.

Get Configuration(String config Path) in c:\Users\Admin\Desktop\womenscare\womencare\Data\Data Access Layer\Configure.cs:18 Web. Application_Start() in All my hbm files are at this location C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\Womens Care\womencare\Data\Entity Objec‌​ts\hbm but the compiler is searching for the hbm at ' C:\WC\womencare\Data\Entity Objects\hbm\xml how to overcome this problemyou set your hbm to embedded resource but try to load them from the filesystem?

I'm trying to save a site as a template (to create new site collections from it) but when I press "Save" I end up with the following error.

CMS 2002 users may remember the SDO export mechanism which allowed you to use a treeview to select exactly which content you wished to move, but unfortunately there's no similar tool for MOSS.

Config Settings Validation Event Handler(Object sender, Validation Event Args e) 137 System.

Send Validation Event(Xml Schema Validation Exception e, Xml Severity Type severity) 91 System.

XPath Document..ctor(Xml Reader reader) 6 NHibernate.

Hibernate Configuration..ctor(Xml Reader hb Configuration Reader, Boolean from App Setting) 186 NHibernate.

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