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Due to caller ID spoofing (faking) you cannot assume the caller is who they say they are- Never give out personal or financial information on a call you did not make- Look the number up- Verify it- Decide from there What happened to the no-call list & why is your # from GA & yor address from MN and you don't answer at am, but you expect me to, the BBB will be getting a c o as well as the phone carrier for your unsolicited, annoying phone call This morning I received a call from this number- He said he was Alex from Windows IT and that my computer has been hacked- I told him I do not have a problem with my computer but he insisted- I am computer savy so would not fall for his line but I told him I could not understand him and could not deal with his call right now- I asked for his number and name so that I could call him back- Of course, I have no intention of ever phoning him back I also asked where he was calling from and he said New Jersey- I suspect he is really from India or Pakistan from the accent- I reported the call to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre- The lady I talked to said some people are receiving as many as call per day from this kind of fraudsters- She said it is the number complaint right now- I am not concerned for myself (except for the inconvenience of answering the phone) but I do have concerns for older people who have little computer experience This number is a part of Careers Inc, which is a verification servicefor employers for hundreds of different job boards- I'm arepresentative of Careers and would like to clarify why you're gettinga text from us on this number-We receive a large quantity of resumes for thousands of positionsacross the country, and our job is to verify that your contactinformation is correct- Employers use Careers because they get such amassive response to job postings- It's very hard for any company tosort through interested applicants - people are not reachable, theirphone numbers are disconnected, or their email is invalid or typo'd ontheir resume- This leads to frustration on both ends, where applicantsreceive no response and employers get bad contact info for anotherwise qualified individual-Careers attempts to contact applicants to confirm that theirinformation is correct - if it is not, then we help them to correct itand update the employer on the applicant's status-We do not ask for any sensitive information such as SSN- We do notcharge for our service- We will never ask you for anything beyondconfirming what's already in your resume on file This caller's name is Pinnacle something or another- Long story short they are a debt collector-I went through some rough financial times and got behind on my mortgage- It was structured as an loan with my first mortgage being % of the homes value at the time and % of the homes value as a second mortgage (with Chase)- Anyway I lose my income after getting sick and to keep from loosing my house I stopped paying the nd mortgage to keep the st mortgage current- My house's value at the time I stopped paying and still is today about K-K under water- Chase knowing they would probably never collect due to negative equity in the house or foreclose since they fall behind the st mortgage company in priority, wrote off the debt- After about a year going by these folks (Pinnacle) purchased the debt for what I'm sure was pennies on the dollar now they're trying to collect- No worries here- They're just another bottom feeder junk debt buyer trying to scare people into paying them something for nothing I know who they are, I keep telling them I don't have the money- They are collection out of Norfolk, Ne- They call, and tell me I need to pay or else- I don't have enough to collect- I have no jobs- Please them stop now-What can I do????? s best defense is to be armed with the knowledge of the scam so that all demands for money can be resisted, despite the false but scarey threats of arrest-? Because the fraudsters make a special point of calling consumers repeatedly at work, employers must understand that the consumers are innocent victims of a criminal enterprise and cannot stop the calls from coming- I also wish to assure the citizens of West Virginia that my office will continue to do everything possible to locate and shut down the outlaw debt collectors-?

There was an automated call this afternoon, when I came home my husband told me that I should listen to this caller, it sounded like a fraud, they way he spoke ( Listen who ever you are) we were not born yesterday-I am going to call the CRA tomorrow morning and give them your number and they will trace you where ever you are, you sick SOBI have been getting calls from , and , about : pm each day-They ask for my husband and when I tell them we are not interested he just asks again like a broken record for my husband- This number goes to a company Strategic Marketing in New Jersey- Sine I have repeatedly told them to stop calling I now have filed complaint w the FCC Do not Call List- I suggest you all do the same I got a couple calls without a message- I called them back- She said they are from a State Farm Office- She asked for my name so they can see why they called- I don't have state farm insurance and I don't have any reason to be dealing with them ON SEPTEMBER TH , I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING CALLS ALL DAY LONG FROM THIS NUMBER-(, )TELLING ME THAT I HAVE CASE OF A FRAUDELENT CHECK WHICH I KNOW AND HAVE PROVE IN SECUENCE THAT THE ONLY CHECK I MAKE ARE FOR THE LANDLORD ONLY FOR RENT, THEY HARRASSING AND THREATING ME TELLING ME THAT THEY ARE COMING TO SERVE ME ANY TIME ANY WHERE IM AT, IM A DISABLE PERSON I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THOSE KIND O THREATNINGS, PLEASE HELP ME STOP THEM I HAVE PROVE FROME INTERNET THEY HAVE BEEN DOING THE SAME TO OTHER PEOPLE, WILL BE GLAD AND APPRECIATE YOUR TIME FOR CHECKING THEM UP- THANKS HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON- ALSO I HAVE BLOCK MY PHONE BUT I CANT BLOCK IT FOR LONG , I HAVE FAMILY AND IM DISABLE SO I NEED MY SERVICE- I DID MY REASEARCH ON THIS NUMBER ON NOTES-COM AND IT HAPPEND TO BE THAT THEY DID THE SAME THING TO A NOTHER PERSON ON THE TH ( THIS IS THE LINK: notes-com Phone-aspx ,) AND I HAVE MOR POST FROME DIFERENT SITES-IM ASKING IF SOME ONE CAN TAKE CARE OR THIS MATTER OR HELP ME- THANK YOU, Caller: James Bennet extortionist WE WILL FIND YOUThey have been calling during the day between : am and : pm,they never leave a message-From other messages on here,it seems they use several other numbers all starting with , and never leave messages, and often call and ask for women- I haven't seen a msg yet where they actually placed a legit call These people are horrible- They are harassing our business and verbally abusive, There has to be something done to stop these people from calling over and over- We have asked politely to not call and the person on the phone told me to get used to it and that they would personally make sure to increase these obnoxious calls I have had calls from this number, they don't speak very well English- Wanted to sell me insurance- lol I told him I have Obama care and they replyed that is why they were calling to help me pay for ( I really don't have obamacare)- I called the number back and it belongs to some lady named monica in New Jersey- What a pain in the butt they call every few hours I get at least one call a day from this number- There are a lot of services that might be able to provide the number owner's name and address, FOR A FEE (RATHER EXORBITANT FEE)If anyone has any idea who this number belongs to, please reply to this posting-Thank you very much Got a call from someone named Arian Williams (,) stating I was going to be arrested for fraud and federal charges were being filed against me for a payday loan I don't even remember getting- Everytime I hang up they call back with another person with more threats PROTECT YOURSELF IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU MUST READ ? and numerous other phony names- They refuse to disclose real names and addresses and are believed to be operating ? from homes, automobiles, or from off shore locations or foreign countries, including India- Since the scammers have kept themselves purposely well hidden, thus far no law enforcement agencies have succeeded in locating or shutting them down-The scammers typically pose as law enforcement officers, investigators, lawyers, and bankers and threaten consumers that they will be arrested for ? or other fictitious crimes unless money is wired immediately- They simultaneously scare and confuse consumers by using meaningless legalese gobbledygook phrases such as, ? More information about this fraudulent debt collection scheme is available at the Attorney General?

If the call is really for the sole purpose of conducting a survey, it is not covered- Only telemarketing calls are covered ? - Seems like the start of a scam to me This women, Wendy Nicole Myers Cromwell likes to call and text my boyfriend late at night- Her text messages say "can you talk, are you alone or can I call you?

that is, calls that solicit sales of goods or services- Callers purporting to take a survey, but also offering to sell goods or services, must comply with the National Do Not Call Registry-"Do not order from Adore Me,they'll charge you - a month and claim you'll get credits of you sign up with vip,don't do it Tog won't get credit, and when you call customer service you'll be on hold and someone will answer and pretend not to hear you- I have recv'd calls from this number and the woman (who can't speak english very well), tells me that she wishes me luck with my situation and she is laughing in the background- There is always alot of nosie in the background almost to the point I can't hear her let alone understand what the hell she is saying- I have not returned any of these calls, but she continues to call me like - times a freaking day, I call it back at night and it just rings busy, Does anyone know the name of this company- And how did you get them to stop calling- They are calling on my cell phone, I have my cell phone registered with the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY,so what the hell????? " she tells coworkers they are friends but why call so late or use cryptic texts?

As I researched, I found one close match , I touched reject,they left no message either call- Have added to my call blocker app This number appears on my caller id twice daily- Anytime I do answer-it is dead air then a dial tone- I have called back two times in the last two days and a recording says this is no longer a working number- If it isn't a working number, how can it call me? The scammers almost always call consumers at work several times a day, and tell their supervisors, ?

What can be done about this-it has been going on for weeks Three calls on same day each approx hour apart- They never leave a message- I screen all my calls and never answer if I don't know the name or number- I'm also on the Do Not Call list this is getting old Hmm, calling this gets you an auto attendant speaking in French- Since they are calling numbers in the lower , it is just a little hard to figure what this is about- Maybe they are looking for high school french teachers on the lam, or perhaps some Québécois got the programming on their "composeur automatique" set up wronggot a call from this # today, they hung up, but the ID says STARNET PAETE ,don't know them, don't want to know them, they hang up as soon as I pick up I say " WHO IS THIS", I don't say hello, rude, I know, but so is telemarketing when I've been on the DO NOT CALL list for years, & even re-registered all my phones after the st years,you get rid of one, more takes their place, how is this ??? Your employee has committed fraud and is about to be arrested-?

s offices: consumerfraudreporting-org stateattorneygenerallist-php FORWARD YOUR CV RESUME @ HONDA MOTORS COMPANY UKHowever, your resume has been viewed at our labor consultant (www-TIMESJOB-com) Website and was found fit for the position you were ascribing for as shown in your CV RESUME- For confirmation, kindly re-forward your resume CV in Microsoft Word Format- Be noted that the recruitment and screening will be hold base on the following: - Work Experience- Educational qualification data presentation on the Company's Employment data Sheet- Relevance of your area of competence- Position applied for on the Company's immediate requirements- Verification Recommendation from your previous employer- (if any) You are to fill the below and send along with your CV-NAME :, POSITION APPLYING FOR:, CURRENT SALARY :, EXPECTED SALARY :, CURRENT EMPLOYER:, POSTAL ADDRESS :, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER:, If interested, you may call on (), or email us at email We await for your urgent response- With Great Regards, Mr- Davis Micheal, Manager, Careers Department, HONDA MOTOR CO-, LTD-E-mail: email Current Opening @ HONDA MOTOR CO-, LTD (UK)Azure Bail Bonds Capitola CA - Free Information Capitola, CA Cliff Dr() -azurebailbonds-info Azure Bail Bonds - Capitola CA offers bail information, bail bondsman, jail information, bail agent, bail bonds service in Capitola, CAsame message as above, a lady called me at : PM saying my computer is at risk and asked me to turn on my computer and she will guide me through- Her name is Nicole with Hispanic accent- She asked her for phone number and company, she gave me , from Window operating system, help and support center Phone call came in at :pm, but they have tried several times earlier in the day (and previous days)- Very poorly recorded automated message from Palisades Collections leaving the same call back as others have listed- Didn't say who they were looking for, but I get these calls from different collection agencies ALL THE TIME- They ask for several different names, but no one who currently lives here (or even has lived here for the past - or more years)- These collection agencies use a program (not helpful that I've forgotten the name of it, I know) that basically searches public records for any and all phone numbers and names associated with that person (who owes)- Even if the data is or more years old, the collection agencies still use it to try to find the person- I've tried reasoning with them (other collection companies)- They stop calling for a while then start again- The last one (Green Tree out of Florida) I told that I was going to report to the Government for harassment and the guy got really ugly- Not sure if he didn't do something to initiate all these other phone calls- Until we write our congressmen and ask them to have this practice STOPPED, it will continue- I don't think they are doing anything illegal (until you tell them not to call back), so I don't see that writing the state's Atty Gen will help- Go straight to your congressman woman I have sent the letter as suggested by the FTC and the consumer watchdog agencies - they have called times since the letter , have sent a nd notice, am working on a rd- Thank heavens for documentation, and phone bills that are inarguable proof that they have called you even though they have not left a message Calls from this number is a scam- Tried to tell me every time I go on line with my computer that I show I have spyware and malware- Caller also tells me his name is Shane Miller, which is clearly an English or American name and he speaks with an Indian accent- Seriously, how dumb do you think I am They keep robocalling asking for "Robert Miles"- I informed them that noone by that name is here (company) and asked them to stop calling - They have called almost every day for a month- After asking them to stop, they called yet again- They said they are from Pinnacle Financial On another website, another person received this same call and said it's some time-share presentations and restaurant gift certificate giving- I got a call from this same number once on my cell number and then immediately on my land-line- The land-line caller ID says" Crystal JW World" , glad I did not answer this call- Need to block it Got a call from James Kilroy or Killroy from a , saying he has a buyer for my 'business' if I am willing to sell and wants me to call him back- After doing a google, looks like Jim is a scammer and will not get a call back from me The caller ID reflects FHT- No one answers or leaves a message- I called the , and discovered the number is Fingerhut,the catalog company- If you call the number you will be asked if you want to be taken off their sales list- You will then be given instructions on how to take your number off their sales list- I hope it works Jeff Martin and a guy named Carlos has scramed me out of prob- - from this company- Do not trust these-holes- They call and threatened me at work and stated I would be getting thrown in jail- These people are frauds DO NOT TRUST THEM THEY ARE liars Stay away from this awful horrible mean rotten nasty piece of shlt- This evil scumbag treats women like dirt- He is rude awkward and a creep towards nice women and goes out of his way to make them feel uncomfortable then even says they are what he is- He is a classless reject and an energy vampire and psychopath- Stay far away and do not bother with this psycho who has no social skills and treats women like crap- Awful person you've been warned of this reject Supposed to approve loans starting at , - ,- Don't believe they are legit- Ask for deposit to secure a loan- Suppose to be in business for yrs and state they are not listed with Better Business- Supposed to be doing business out of New York This company has called me repeatedly asking if I am Lorraine, which is my landlord- This tells me that they do not know me, and they are phishing for sales- I have asked them repeatedly to take my number off their list- They have hung up on me a number of times, which I find completely rude- If they had only asked, I would have been happy to supply the phone number of the landlord- I have tried to call them back, but they have an automated system that will not even allow me to leave a message- Who would want to do business with a company who treats people this way?

Yes he has a new FB profile under DONALD EDGAR, is a very handsome man, and he loves me after days of being chating, and after two weaks he ask me for money, but one friend told me about some cases like this that she sow it with Dr- Phil, so l took my precautions as soon he ask me for money, l blooked from my fb and from my phone numb and its using another area numb, but still saying that he's working for bachas oil and company Received a call from this company months ago from a different number, , saying I owed money for an apartment- They gave me wrong name, SSN, address, etc- They're on a fishing expedition for someone with a similar name- Told them to stop calling- Next step will be calling the police & filing a harassment charge Someone used our office number and even though I have told them x now that this is a business and we don't know anyone with the name the are asking for - they keep calling back Have had or different people call here - they always say they are Rent to Own Homes and that I filled out an application - when I ask them who they are looking for, they can't even pronounce the name, so I don't know who it is they want This is the third time, just today a guy called Richard, the other day a woman and before that a guy- This time I said I was busy, leave me your name and number, so this is what I got- Who do we report this to- Where is this area code, the voice sounded Indian FRAUD ALERT Proclaims his name to be "David Chan" and wanted to make a purchase using his credit card over the phone- However, he didn't know his own billing address to the credit when asked- Also, asked that the products be drop-shipped to an address in West Hempstead, NYReceived a postcard in the mail, an ad for becoming a Local Energy Consultant for "our company" and this phone number to call to set up an interview- Supposedly full-time income potential with a part-time effort, claiming they provide full training- However, the card has NO ID as to who the company is Very suspicious so that's why I was trying to look up the number- Has anyone else received this type of postcard?

I don't have one Gave her my phone number and told them to stop calling This is Global Credit & Collection Corp- It looks like the collections industry is trying novel ways of trying to contact people by using local-looking numbers instead of their or blank Caller IDs-This local number, apparently, is forwarded to one of their call centers- Presumably, they have hundreds local, benign-looking numbers like this across the country- The script they follow is that they answer "Hello, Global? So, I tell people “I am a wee bit older than my whiskers. ” “He’s so old, when he was little, rainbows were in black and white! ” “He’s so old, he was the crossing guard when Moses parted the red sea! A Mike Brown (then later says his name is Jefferson) calls from IRS and states that there is a legal issue under your ssn# regarding a federal tax claim lawsuit- Also states there is a warrant for your arrest for criminal allegations- A lot of static is on the line to where you can hear the guy I, to, received a call from , and I'm in IL- Also received calls from , , , , and others- All concerning power companies- When I called my power co to see if association was from them they said no so called the power equipment people (Com Ed) and they said I had to call ICC- When I called Illinois Commerce Commission they said I had to call back Commonwealth Edison and request to be on their: Do Not Call 'Marketing' List- ICC said Comm Ed can not tell me that themselves because it would be as if they were influencing my decision as to which power co to select which they can not advise so I had to specifically say the above- ICC also said to call the Natl- Do Not Call List which I'm already on and Report the above numbers which I haven't done yet- Good luck This is a scammer - They pretend to be- From green PAK customer service - They stole my money - The worse part if that their website is still open to the public- It's called moneypakbalance-com- if you call the number they still will say they are customer service- There's men and woman that picks up the phone with Indian accent -please don't be fool - I wish that they will be caught I had recently made an online payment to my account and at :am PST I get this call from Portland Oregon- Of course I denied the call and immediately came on here to look up the number- I called it back and it said that the number was disconnected I got a call from this number and I answered- The man told me he was calling about my mortgage with Select Portfolio Servicing and said he was with FHA- I told him I was on my cell phone and could not speak at that time, if he could please call me later in the evning or send me information online or mail to me- He was trying to get me to refinance- He knew my interest rate and that I had a loan with Select Portfolio- But I didn't feel like it was a legitimate call- He did not want to send me any information online or otherwise- I've tried to find information regarding SPS working with the FHA but have not found any- I just want to post this in case it is a scam to warn anyone elsesolicitor called my job with a cover story about working with the company and needing the purchasing department- he then called right back from asking for supply management and then call right back again- so of course i hung up on him I called Wachovia about a hold on my account- Apparently, Easy Saver is trying to get some money- At any rate, I received a call back from this number and it was the customer service rep who told me that she was able to find something and that I didn't have to wait for it to post- She found the number, gave it to me, and told me to have a great day- I wish that CHASE had been as kind Level Communications, Inc Company Eldorado Blvd, Broomfield, CO -Phone: () -They are the owner and provider of the phone service that is calling you guys i called and filled a complaint with there annoyance they said they will contact the customer and then after also contact the FCC and if you are on the nation do not call list report them like i did so there service can be cancelled and they can be fined by the federal goverment anyone that gets this number filled out a online form for free teeth whitening or something of the sort and didn't finish with the form so now they are soliciting you-Dave The collection agency people have been calling everyday but they do never leave a message so that I can track the whole thing clearly- It was a call from Canyon State Professional Services Inc- It will be great if anyone can share some experiences about them and kindly let me know what should I doan Indian sounding male called me repeatedly on my private cell phone- i informed him both times that it was illegal to call private cell phones as a telemarketer- Rap is always the same, "my computer is not working,"got robocall on my cell from , caller ID said "No NAME" on Tuesday , @ PM-This was a call from a SCAMMING mortgage company- The caller when he spoke echoed like he was in a tunnel-was going to send me information on Loan but after he asked I told this goofball that I had Two day late payments- He said that was one of the criteria to get the % loan and he would have one of the people who handled day lates call me-WHAT A BUNCH of MARINATED MANURE, I do not even have a Mortgage THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I ASKED THIS COMPANY TO STOP CALLING MY CELL PHONE AND HARRASSING ME AND SOLICATINF TO ME ON ME CELL PHONE USING UP MY MINUTES- THIS WAS A ND DIFFERENT PERSON FROM THIS SAME NUMBER DAYS AGO- THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO STOP CALLING AND WAKING ME UP AND HARRASING-SOLICATINF-ST TIME - AT : PM - ND TIME- AT : AM - DIFFERENT PERSON FROM ST TIMETHIESE CALLS NEED TO STOP THEY ARE MAKING ME VERY MAD NOW - PISSED OFFI was considering adopting two ukc blue razor edge pit bulls, considering I just lost a whole litter Of blues due to our recent storms with all the flooding, by the time we woke up to bring them In it was too late- I came accross two blues for bc this lady just lost her only daughter To a car accident on her way home from school, now I have seven children and I extended my Deepest sympothy to this "woman" in alaska who cant bear to look at her daughters week Old pups so they need a loving home she didnt want to sell them as long as i covered the freight To fly them here, If it hadnt been for the fact ive never had to wire money before i probaby would have been Taken bc i tried to pay with credit card and a debit card neither they could accept, so i got confused couldnt find a number for help so i googled the name of the place sending me the pups, got a number andstraight away she told me it was a scam and to not send any money anywhere , i was heart broken not only had i talked with this person for two weeks about dogs that dont even exist yet i have seven kids who were so excited to have another puppy weve been expecting so much an grown to love these pups through pic's and false updates i cant replace that and it hurts really bad to tell my family they wont be coming afterall i just hope you can stop these people its not bad enough they are devestating our country enough yet they need to rip hard working loving familys and getting them roped in with some sad story its just not right and i hope they get what they deservecalled number back and recording stating i get a rewards card for taking on line survey,push to continue,pushed and got Indian accent guy thanking me and started asking for personnel info,told him 'B*ow me' ,on do not call list so don't call again, it's a scam,i never took any survey on line,i don't do surveys, never give your info Calling me, saying nothing- I'm going to report them to the Do Not Call-gov- I don't know if doing this will doing any good, but, it would be nice if they would get fined and shut down for being a nuisance and ignorant DO NOT CALL HERE AGAIN Florida Trooper Association *BUT they are telemarketers, I AM on the do not call list ~And do not trust calls asking for money, I will not give out my Address or Credit card -#Don't CALL LAST Warningit's a big time pill popper that searches for explicit photos of you then threatens to show ppl stay away ladies bad news has over warrants for his arrest and keeps a lot of rx pills on him at all times it's a jail sentence waiting to happen stay safe Calls and hangs up- Call comes in listed as California which tells me things: # call is a cellular number or # call is spoofed- Either way thank you for posting "asking for homeowner," which blatantly says telemarketer-Home repair, home remodel, solar panels, So sick of these junk calls This is a phone screening technique- Ive received a call from this number numerous times- As stated above anyone can use this program to block their call- It is common for government agencies to use, but with today's technology anyone can use it- I suggest ignoring this number- If it is important they will leave a message Called and asked for my boss by name- Asked if he could return call- Said she would just call him back tomorrow- (That told me they did not know my boss b c you have a better chance of winning lottery than catching him available to talk- All clients know they have to leave a message) I "are you sure, he is very hard to catch" She said 'no, that's okay- I'll call back'This has happened before and is annoying Not every one with a medical bill that they cannot pay is a moron- You are rude- And someday you may find yourself with cancer and unable to pay your med bills- Peace to you and God Bless you so you never have to be in the position some of these folks are I received a call today from , In this call I was happy to hear the would be an opportunity for our city to be featured and cover some of the enviornmental issues thatface our city- The Manager in charge was very helpful and we were be able to be featured-If you are a city manager and get a call from Jesse I highly recommend him as many of our cities are facing lost revenues from residents who are leaving due to high taxes and as well aslost jobs- The team is coming to be with our mayor and City officals- We are already receiving someexcellent feedback So my husband and i decided to send our mothers which are in different states flowers, we went to proflowers-com, we were thrilled with the prices and decided to do two orders- Upon confirming my order I recieved a pop up for a dollar discount- After clicking like an idiot, i decided to look at my online banking and recieved a random - charge on my account- The description to me was the i googled it and came accross this website and quickly deleted the order with proflowers- I wasent to gased with reading about the re-occuring charges and i decided to call this # there was no one there to help apparrantly theyre closed @ this time, i calle pro flowers and emailed easysaver with a piece of my mind ; D pro flowers helped and claimed id recieve a phone call tomorrow to make sure the funds on my account appeared The first time I got this cal it was someone saying that they got my number on-line from google- I asked them to stop calling and hung up- They called me every day- I decided to call the number to see if I could find out who they are and I got voicemail and left a message telling them to stop calling which then go them to increase their calls- I finally called customer service to my cell service and had the number blocked and now I do not get calls from that number I received a text msg and called the #- A guy answered who sounded like he was talking in a tunnel or bathroom- He did say there would be - minutes of pre-qualification questions-I asked if Power Applications was the hiring company and he said, 'no'- His questions were regarding my education and customer service experience- It just didn't feel right so I thanked him and hung up-I also texted back 'STOP' and immediately received a message that I was now unsubscribed from Career-Networks Alerts-This definitely feels like a SCAM It's not worth risking identity theft or worse- BE CAREFULI got a TXT from this number which said" Hey Alexis, its been a while but u have to check this out- I already made last week from home- Read this: www-workhome-com WTF?This is so random I dont want to go to the site because it might be a virus or something, Anyone get anything similar from this number or maybe a different one??

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